Please note that the registration forms will be available in January 2017.


Participants should plan to arrive in Entebbe on or before 2 May, 2017 and depart the late afternoon of 5 May or the morning of 6 May. Participants are responsible for informing the Conference organizers of their arrival and departure dates and time. On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, participants will find a special desk manned by conference organizers and ushers to receive you. Transfer from Entebbe International Airport to the Conference venue hotel has been arranged for all pre-registered participants, except for those who choose to arrange for their own transport and communicate before their arrival date. The Conference organizers will not cover any local transport costs in home country. Participants are expected to meet their local transport costs from their home to and from the airport.


The Conference organizers will not pay for visa fees. Visas are required for travel to Uganda. Visas should be applied for online, in advance of travel to the conference. Please visit Uganda’s online Electronic Visa/Permit Application System. All travelers seeking admission to Uganda are required to obtain a Visa using this system prior to being granted boarding. Participants should carry a printed copy of the visa during travel. If your visa or permit application is approved, it establishes that you are eligible for the approved visa or permit, but does not establish that your application is definitely approved. Upon arrival to Uganda (at the selected point of entry) or to the Immigration Office Headquarters, you will be inspected by an Immigration Officer who may determine if your application is finally approved. All participants who need a visa to enter Uganda are obliged to pay USD 50 fee upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, or in advance at a Uganda Embassy in their home country. For more information or in case of any problems, please contact Mr. Paul Mafabi: Tel:+256 772503255).

Health Insurance

Participants in the conference are required to hold valid health insurance. Yellow fever vaccination card is also required in Uganda. Each participant will be asked to show the yellow fever vaccination card on arrival at the airport. The vaccination service is also available at Entebbe International Airport at a cost of USD 40. Participants with special dietary needs should communicate with the Conference organizers in advance to make any special arrangements.

Vaccination Requirements

For vaccination information please visit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Registration is compulsory for each participant. Participants will need to register and pay the registration fees online, or through bank account.

  • For individual registration click here.

  • For group registration (no more than 5 individuals) click here.

Field Trip

For travelers arriving prior to the Conference, there will be an optional field trip. The field trip may include the following destinations: Uganda Wildlife Centre, Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Source of the Nile, Jinja. Stay tuned for details.


Local time in Uganda is East African Time (UTC +3). Since May falls in the rainy season, you are advised to pack an umbrella. While there are different local languages in Uganda, English is commonly spoken. The local currency is Ugandan Shillings (UGX). For up-to-date currency conversion rates, please use an online currency conversion website, such as Oanda. The Imperial Resort Beach Hotel is able to convert various currencies for your convenience.