About the Conference

The African Great Lakes Conference will be held in Entebbe, Uganda on May 2-5, 2017.

The African Great Lakes Conference: Conservation and Development in a Changing Climate will bring together stakeholders to link science and best practice to solutions for conservation and sustainable development of the African Great Lakes.

The conference is being organized by The Nature Conservancy and Lake Tanganyika Authority with strong support from a group of partners as part of a growing African Great Lakes initiative.

It is a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the African Great Lakes region and international partners to share experience and collaborate in finding solutions to the pressing sustainable development challenges that exist in the region. The solutions will rely on individual and collective stakeholder commitments by government leaders, regional authorities, intergovernmental organizations, policymakers, development and funding agencies, non-governmental organizations, community groups and the private sector.

The conference will bring together a diverse group with a focus on sustainable development, human and environmental health, and biodiversity conservation in the African Great Lakes region. By sharing tools and approaches for ecosystem-based management and best practices, participants will improve the future coordination of African Great Lakes stakeholders with several expected outcomes:

  • Key resolutions or agreements to bolster lake authorities

  • An online information-sharing platform with curated maps and information

  • A full conference report and a set of conference papers

  • Special issue journal publication(s) from premier papers

  • New and/or strengthened African Great Lakes funding programs